23 Nov


For the past few months I have been working on a building a Q&A cooking community that has recently gone live, Wetawa. Because I’m admittedly not a fantastic cook, a Q&A site is something that is a necessity for someone like me.

The current landscape for online culinary knowledge leave a lot of be desired. Almost all google searches bring up recipes,which is great if that is something that you’re experienced. But, im my position, I’m still left dumbfounded. What if I dont have all of the ingredients? Which substitutes can I use? What if I don’t know what some of the terms mean, or how to change the number of servings?

Cooking isn’t just recipes, there is a whole knowledge base that isn’t easily accesible online. That is what we are trying accomplish with Wetawa, our goal is to make cooking and food in general more approachable, easy and fun.


The project began almost a year ago when my old colleague, Akeem Philbert, approached me with the concept. What started as a simple question and answer site has grown into an intelligent, merit-based community that actively rewards participation. The site experience is also fully customizable. All content is tagged with keywords that users can like or dislike. Those likes & dislikes, combined with their location and browsing history allow us to offer really powerful and appropriate recommendations to our users.

The content of each page can be adjusted in realtime to narrow the results to quickly find whatever it is they are looking for. The site also leverages one-click, Open ID account creation. If you have a Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Facebook, or Twitter account then you can quickly and easily start participating in the conversation.

After a short invite-only beta test we have decided to open Wetawa to the general public. Although the site is still in its infancy, we are excited about the response that we have gotten so far. We have a long list of new functionality planned – lots of cool features for bargain hunters, bloggers, and both budding and established chefs.

Please join in the conversation and let us know what you think!

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