Finally the death of Myspace?

2 Sep

Does anybody reading this still use myspace? Really, anyone? I have not logged into my myspace account for years. After the internet’s mass exodus to Facebook Myspace became over ran with spam bots and accounts went dead. No one is really on myspace anymore.

Unless you are in a band.

Go ahead and google a band or musician that you like. Changes are that if they don’t have their own website (and even if they do), that their myspace page will be at the top of the results. A while back Myspace made a conscious effort to rebrand itself as a platform for musicians to get exposure. And it worked. If you have a band or are a musician it’s now really easy to share your songs, add tour dates, share your status and converse with your fans.


As Myspace declined in popularity as a personal social site, it grew in popularity with musicians trying to reach their fans. That all could change with Ping, the new social network recently announced by Apple. Ping allows fans to follow artists, get updates about their events and to also see what their friends (and friends of friends) are listening to.


Personally, I tend not to visit Myspace pages of bands I like. I can almost always find the information I need on their twitter account or other sites and not have to wade through the confusing UI and spam bots that overrun Myspace. While I’m still finding my way around Ping, I see it as a serious contender and eventual replacement of Myspace for that reason alone

But where Ping really differs from Myspace is their integrated shopping. Ping is connecting the artist, the fan, and the store all together in a seamless experience.
You can’t buy music directly from myspace, clicking on a ‘buy’ link will take you to another site, such as Amazon. And with such a large distribution platform it’s a no brainer that artists would want to be here.

(On an unrelated, does anyone else think that the Ping logo looks like the Gist logo?)

2 Responses to “Finally the death of Myspace?”

  1. Mathew Snow 02. Sep, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    I’ve just toyed around with Ping for the last 15 minutes and it doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet. So far, the search query doesn’t return anything nor does there seem to be any way for me to create an artist page for my own tunes. However, I’m sure it’ll probably be pretty solid in a few weeks.

  2. Johnnyjuice 02. Sep, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I don’t think they have all of the features rolled out yet. It seems to be focusing on the social network side of things first, and the band-page support I hope comes soon after

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