28 Apr

Bird Peterson's Drankenstein

Bird Peterson and MAD DECENT have teamed up for a trance/southern rap infused project called DRANKENSTEIN.

Bird Peterson describes this as an idea I started working with when I created the Dope Boys remix for Diplo’s recent Guccimane mix. This is my amalgamation of two trends I’ve always loved: the dirty south and the use of trance synths in current rap. Here I have taken 15 or so of my favorite southern rap songs and 15 or so of my favorite trance synth lines to create something thats not corny or funny, it’s simply the motherfudgin’ jam!

 Bird Peterson's Drankenstein

You can download it here

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  1. Kandice Bettin 17. Feb, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Im attempting to subscribe to your rss feed to receive updates on the web site but it keeps getting a parse fault plus invalid characters?

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