DJ Rha Ruckus

24 Mar

DJ Rha Ruckus (@rharuckus) is a DJ I met a few years ago when I was spinning at La Linea lounge on Thursday nights w/ Todd Jones (@saytj1). The format we had was pretty open, where anyone we knew who wanted some time behind the decks was welcome to it. We had about 3-5 DJs who would come in every night and play around until they got bored or the next person wanted to hop on.

The attendance would vary, but it was a small place so mostly anyone there was a friend of one of the DJs. That made for a fun, party atmosphere. At that time La Linea was pretty much exclusively a hip-hop only crowd and I remember Rha Ruckus would be the only one of us who would try to play house records.

I ran into him again recently and he told me about some of the new mixes & remixes he has been doing. In particular I really like this Electro House mix he did:

You can download it here and the track list is listed on there as well.

Eventually the night we had proved not to be economically advantageous to the bar owners and they deaded it. Rha Ruckus went on to become the resident Friday night DJ there while Todd took Saturdays. Nowadays you can still catch some or all of us at The Skinny Bar on Thursdays doing pretty much the same thing.

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