Shop Online Using Augmented Reality And Motion Capture

23 Jun

While augmented reality has been around for awhile now, there have not yet been many real world applications of it. We’ve all seen 3D models floating around, video applications, and even some really nice micro-sites interactions. But there have not been very many practical, dollars & cents applications of this technology.

Zugara is attempting to shift this dynamic with an alpha release of their latest app, The Webcam Social Shopper. This application uses augmented reality to allow shoppers to try on virtual clothes, browse through different colors and styles, purchase items and even share their snapshots across social networks.

While this application is still pretty rough around the edges, the concept of “social shopping” is something that is quickly picking up steam. We saw it hinted at in the Project Natal demo and we are starting to see developments of it with this Zugara release. With this app Zugara hopes to bridge online brands with offline shopping habits:

It’s not a secret that friends/family recommendations influence a consumer’s purchase decision and beat any other “consumer touchpoint”. Now, we can help brands empower their consumers to integrate their friends and family into their online shopping process like never before. The thinking is that this application will help bridge the gap between how people like to shop offline and how they are forced to shop online, subsequently providing an enhanced interactive shopping experience for the consumer and increased sales for the brand.

Click here to read the full release

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